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Is there a way to retrieve a model in Laravel w3coded laravel models with all the attributes, even if they're null? w3coded laravel models It seems to only return a model with the w3coded laravel models attributes that aren't null.,The reason for this w3coded laravel models is that I have a function that will update the w3coded laravel models model attributes from an array, if the w3coded laravel models attributes exists in the model. I use the w3coded laravel models property_exists() function to check the model if w3coded laravel models it has a particular attribute before setting it. w3coded laravel models The array key and model attribute are expected w3coded laravel models to match, so that's how it works. , w3coded laravel models w3coded laravel models Thanks! w3coded laravel models This led me in the right direction. w3coded laravel models Realistically, I didn't need every attribute on w3coded laravel models the model. Just a few select ones to update, w3coded laravel models which coincidentally are also the within the w3coded laravel models $fillable array when I thought about it. So I'm w3coded laravel models actually able to use $fillable to check if the w3coded laravel models model should have the attribute. w3coded laravel models – kenshin9 w3coded laravel models Nov 6 '15 at 3:17 w3coded laravel models ,What's ultimately happening is that I w3coded laravel models have a single array of attributes, and then w3coded laravel models perhaps two models. And I run my setter w3coded laravel models function, passing in the attributes array, and w3coded laravel models each of the objects in separate calls. If the w3coded laravel models model has a matching property, it gets w3coded laravel models updated.

Here are two ways to do this. One method is to define default attribute values in your model.

protected $attributes = ['column1' => null, 'column2' => 2];

If you don't want to set default attributes though, I wrote up a quick method that should work.

public function getAllAttributes()
    $columns = $this->getFillable();
    // Another option is to get all columns for the table like so:
    // $columns = \Schema::getColumnListing($this->table);
    // but it's safer to just get the fillable fields

    $attributes = $this->getAttributes();

    foreach ($columns as $column)
        if (!array_key_exists($column, $attributes))
            $attributes[$column] = null;
    return $attributes;


Above will return an array of raw attributes (as stored in the database table)


If you are trying to do this after instantiating like so:

$model = new Model;

Like so:

if (array_key_exists('foo', $model->getAttributes())) {
    $model->foo = 'new value';

What if you were to explicitly declare all the fields you want back.

public function getSomeModelFromArray(Request $request)
    // This will only give back the columns/attributes that have data.
    // NULL values will be omitted doing it this way.
    //$model = $request->all();

    // However by declaring all the attributes I want I can get back 
    // columns even if the value is null. Additional filtering can be 
    // added on if you still want/need to massage the data.
    $model = $request->all([


    return $model;

I have this snippet on my other project to load all model attributes and relation.

public function forModel($with)

    $attributes = $this->toArray();

    // Normalize Null Relation To Empty Model
    foreach ($attributes as $key => $value) {
        if (
            is_null($value) && 
            method_exists($this, Str::camel($key)) && 
            $this->{Str::camel($key)}() instanceOf \Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\Relation
        ) {

            $relation = $this->{Str::camel($key)}();
            $model = $relation->getModel();
            $attributesForRelation = $model->getAttributes();
            foreach ($model->getFillable() as $column)
                if (! array_key_exists($column, $attributesForRelation))
                    $attributesForRelation[$column] = null;

            $attributes[$key] = $attributesForRelation;
        } else {
            $attributes[$key] = $value;

    return $attributes;

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