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The Slim application provides helper methods w3coded slim framework to send cookies with the HTTP response.,This w3coded slim framework example demonstrates how to use the Slim w3coded slim framework application’s setCookie() method to create an w3coded slim framework HTTP cookie to be sent with the HTTP w3coded slim framework response:,Here are the available Slim app w3coded slim framework settings used for cookie encryption:,This w3coded slim framework creates an HTTP cookie with the name “foo” w3coded slim framework and value “bar” that expires two days from w3coded slim framework now. You may also provide additional cookie w3coded slim framework properties, including its path, domain, secure, w3coded slim framework and httponly settings. The Slim w3coded slim framework application’s setCookie() method uses the same w3coded slim framework signature as PHP’s native setCookie() w3coded slim framework function.

$app->setCookie('foo', 'bar', '2 days');


$app = new \Slim\Slim(array(
    'cookies.encrypt' => true,
    'cookies.secret_key' => 'my_secret_key',
    'cookies.cipher' => MCRYPT_RIJNDAEL_256,
    'cookies.cipher_mode' => MCRYPT_MODE_CBC


$app->deleteCookie('foo', '/', '');

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