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For him, the service id is the correct one. w3coded apple sign Because he is getting the code for web login. w3coded apple sign But when you use an app to get the code, you w3coded apple sign should use bundle id instead.,Here is my url for w3coded apple sign getting the code.,i think here you need to use w3coded apple sign bundle id, not service id. ,I get the code, w3coded apple sign identityToken and everything I need - except the w3coded apple sign call to - w3coded apple sign because of invalid_client.

This is my request for Apple.

  'client_id' => 'org.example.service',
  'client_secret' => JWT-Data encoded (OPENSSL_ALGO_SHA256) see below  'grant_type' => 'authorization_code',
  'code' => 'a277243e2ec324fb09ba1c3333a8e6576.0.abcde.u4xiTDP2qHXoNEaxrcrIGx'

JWT Header:

  "alg": "ES256",
  "kid": "1ABC2345DE"

JWT Payload:

  "iss": "1A234BCD56",
  "iat": 1571269964,
  "exp": 1571273564,
  "aud": "",
  "sub": "org.example.service"


  "error": "invalid_client"

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