How to use table aliases with MYSQL UPDATE


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w3coded aliases stack Stack Overflow for Teams w3coded aliases stack Where developers & technologists w3coded aliases stack share private knowledge with coworkers w3coded aliases stack ,I need to w3coded aliases stack fill some fields in a table getting informations w3coded aliases stack from other records of the same table. I tried to w3coded aliases stack write a query to explain what I want to do:,I w3coded aliases stack want to fill these fields: "nita", "tita", w3coded aliases stack "notaita" (where "nita" is empty) with the same w3coded aliases stack values from another record where "neng" equals w3coded aliases stack the other "neng", w3coded aliases stack How can I import an image, retrieve vertex w3coded aliases stack point values from the shape, and turn that into w3coded aliases stack a list?

You can however, join the two tables.

UPDATE  globale2 g
        INNER JOIN globale gg
            ON g.neng = gg.neng
SET     g.nita = gg.nita,
        g.tita = gg.tita,
        g.notaita = gg.notaita
WHERE   g.nita IS NULL
        AND gg.uris = 'mma' 
        AND gg.nita IS NOT NULL

assume there is a table A_temp, with two columns 'one' and 'two'. TABLE A_temp

1       2

The query

UPDATE (SELECT * FROM A_temp ) A SET one = A.two where one = '1'

updates the table as

2      2

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