How much memory is PHP actually using?


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When I set the PHP memory limit to e.g. 128 w3coded php memory MB for each of these daemons, the processes will w3coded php memory only get killed once they reach 128 MB according w3coded php memory to PHP's own measurements. However, according to w3coded php memory ps, the processes will be using around 200 MB w3coded php memory each by that time.,I've noticed there's quite a w3coded php memory difference between what top or ps reports as w3coded php memory memory usage for a PHP process, compared to what w3coded php memory the process itself thinks its using (with w3coded php memory memory_get_usage).,How much memory is the w3coded php memory process actually using?,Making statements based w3coded php memory on opinion; back them up with references or w3coded php memory personal experience.

You may find interesting things when issue one of these commands:

cat /proc/PID_NUMBER/smaps
pmap -d PID_NUMBER

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