Connecting to mysql server(localhost) very slow


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on debugging i found out that its the DB w3coded local 2 connectivity that is creating problem. the DB w3coded local 2 was on another machine. to debug further. i w3coded local 2 deployed the DB on my local machine .. so now w3coded local 2 the DB connection is at but the w3coded local 2 connectivity still takes long time.,i installed w3coded local 2 another APACHE on my machine and used default w3coded local 2 settings. the connection was still very w3coded local 2 slow.,the page rendering takes around 10 seconds w3coded local 2 but the last statement on the page is an echo w3coded local 2 and i can see its output while the page is w3coded local 2 loading in firefox (IE is same). in google w3coded local 2 chrome the output becomes visible only when the w3coded local 2 loading finishes. loading time is approximately w3coded local 2 the same across browsers., w3coded local 2 By clicking “Accept all cookies”, you w3coded local 2 agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your w3coded local 2 device and disclose information in accordance w3coded local 2 with our Cookie Policy.

Simply change:

 $link = mysqli_connect('localhost','username','password','db');


 $link = mysqli_connect('','username','password','db');

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