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One of the reasons to get this annoying w3coded manual not yellow triangle is that you are adding a w3coded manual not reference to a project twice, meaning:, w3coded manual not w3coded manual not w3coded manual not Meta Stack Overflow w3coded manual not ,Stack Overflow en español,When I instead w3coded manual not add a reference to the dll, the assembly build w3coded manual not output of the plugin, I get no such warning. w3coded manual not What could this warning be trying to tell w3coded manual not me?

Reinstall all packages in all projects of the current solution:

Update-Package -Reinstall

On my file, besides the standard project reference:

<ProjectReference Include="..\ProjectA\ProjectA.csproj">

There were also a directy link to the compiled dll from the referenced project:

    <Reference Include="ProjectA">

Open the YOURPROJECT.csproj file with a text editor then at the end of the file remove these lines inside the target tag, and then build the project again! be sure the Package folder is in the correct path which mentioned in < Reference > < HintPath >

<Error Condition="!Exists('.......

find your packages path. I fixed my project by this issue.


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