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Is there something I'm missing, or a better w3coded creating product way to create an order with a variable w3coded creating product product?,I'm trying to create an order w3coded creating product programmatically. Using wc_create_order() this w3coded creating product is pretty straightforward:, w3coded creating product w3coded creating product Meta Stack w3coded creating product Overflow w3coded creating product ,Stack Overflow en español

In total, my working code now looks like this:

$membershipProduct = new WC_Product_Variable(100);
$theMemberships = $membershipProduct->get_available_variations();

$variationsArray = array();

foreach ($theMemberships as $membership) {
    if ($membership['sku'] == $chosenVariation) {
        $variationID = $membership['variation_id'];
        $variationsArray['variation'] = $membership['attributes'];

if ($variationID) {
    $varProduct = new WC_Product_Variation($variationID);

    $order = wc_create_order();
    $order->add_product($varProduct, 1, $variationsArray);

if you already have the variation_id you can just do this

$product_variation = new WC_Product_Variation($variation_id);
$order = wc_create_order();
foreach($product_variation->get_variation_attributes() as $attribute=>$attribute_value){
$order->add_product($product_variation, $product['quantity'], $args);

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