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w3coded php apache w3coded php apache i'm not sure it's a good idea to run an w3coded php apache expensive profiler on a live website. profiling w3coded php apache slows your app down significantly. better create w3coded php apache a local copy and do the profiling there (this w3coded php apache also removes the risk of downtime due to w3coded php apache profiler installation problems). w3coded php apache – stefs w3coded php apache Jun 9 '09 at 20:16 w3coded php apache ,To use the Debugger extension you need w3coded php apache an IDE: Install Zend Studio which is an w3coded php apache excellent PHP IDE (check the features page), and w3coded php apache makes debugging and profiling very easy. No need w3coded php apache to make cachegrind files, or other multistep w3coded php apache processes, but just click Profile in the toolbar w3coded php apache in Firefox and Studio starts profiling that w3coded php apache page. The detail and ease of use are huge.,I w3coded php apache would suggest against building your own w3coded php apache profiler. There are several excellent profilers w3coded php apache freely available that will give you extensive w3coded php apache detail and ease of use. I think your best time w3coded php apache investment is in the following combination. We w3coded php apache use this at the web developent company I work w3coded php apache for, and are very pleased with it:,You can use w3coded php apache xdebug - once installed you can trigger w3coded php apache profiling of requests in a variety of ways, and w3coded php apache you wind up with a valgrind format profile for w3coded php apache each request. Load this in WinCacheGrind, w3coded php apache KCacheGrind or similar and drill down to find w3coded php apache where all the time is spent!

if you have a very targeted area to look at, you may want to try sprinkling these around your code:


error_log(sprintf("%'08.5f",(microtime(true)-$f_timeLast)).' - '.sprintf("%'05.2f",(microtime(true)-$f_timeStart)).' secs - '.'01 before xyz()'."\n", 3, '/var/tmp/my-errors.log');
error_log(sprintf("%'08.5f",(microtime(true)-$f_timeLast)).' - '.sprintf("%'05.2f",(microtime(true)-$f_timeStart)).' secs - '.'01 after xyz()'."\n", 3, '/var/tmp/my-errors.log');

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