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with() allows you to pass variables to a view w3coded php vs and compact() creates an array from existing w3coded php vs variables given as string arguments to w3coded php vs it.,with() is a Laravel function and compact() w3coded php vs is a PHP function and have totally different w3coded php vs purposes.,See compact() for more info on this w3coded php vs matter.,when you want to pass multiple variables w3coded php vs into a view One way to do so involves passing w3coded php vs them into the with method using an array:

Sometimes you may need to eager load several different relationships in a single operation. To do so, you can just pass additional arguments to the with method:

$userss = App\User::with(['name', 'email'])->get();

when you want to pass multiple variables into a view One way to do so involves passing them into the with method using an array:

public function index()

    $data = array('name' => 'some one',
                  'email' => '',
                  'date' => date('Y-m-d'));  

    return view('welcome')->with($data);


You could also use multiple with methods, like so:

return view('welcome')->with('name', 'some one')->with('email','>with('date', date('Y-m-d'));

if you needed to pass along more than two variables. You can save some typing by using PHP's compact() function:

$name = 'some one';
$email= '';
$date = date('Y-m-d');
return view('welcome', compact('name','email', 'date'));

or,if you needed to pass multiple arrays to a view you can use compact() function:

$array1 = ... ;
$array2 = ... ;
$array3 = ... ;
return view('welcome', compact('array1', 'array2', 'array3');

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